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Image by Jamie Street

About Us

Hello there!

We are a family run business located in Hertfordshire close to Essex. Our dogs are loving family members first and mummy’s second.

So why choose sawbo pups?

At sawbo pups we offer crossbreed and pedigree puppies for sale. We take choosing your new family member seriously as an experienced breeder and offer advice and guidance on Crossbreeds and pedigree puppies on appearance, characteristics, temperament and more.

From cavapoo’s to cockapoo’s and our pedigree cocker spaniels. All of our facilities here at Sawbo Pups are kept hygienic and clean. Our Kennels and welping room are cleaned thoroughly every day and are available for inspection at any time. 


All of our puppies are raised with tender loving care and leave us with a guarantee of quality and health. We have weekly visits by our vets and closely follow their advise. All puppies are raised to the highest standard and leave us with a guarantee of quality and health no earlier than 8 weeks old.


We will supply you with a puppy pack to take with you containing:

  • A bag of food

  • Mum and dads health papers and kc papers

  • A scented blanket

  • A toy

  • A puppy plan

  • A puppy contract

Returns Policy

We will never refuse to take back one of our puppies so if you are in doubt then please contact us straight away.


About the Breeds


The F1 Cockapoo is very friendly outgoing, playful and happy companion who enjoy long walks. As well as having a minimal shedding coat, they inherit some of the best traits from mum cocker spaniel and dad toy or miniature poodle.


The Cavapoo is happy, curious, outgoing and playful. They inherit some of their best traits from mum cavalier king Charles and dad toy or miniature poodle and also have a minimal shedding coat.

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel a family favourite for many years lots of fun very loving and king enjoys long walks. A loyal companion.

All of our mums are health tested and we will only use health tested clear dogs for mating to ensure you get a healthy puppy.


Please give us a like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see our previous litters and what our Sawbo Pups families have to say about us. We keep in contact with our litters and get sent beautiful pictures as they grow.

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