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Image by Mia Anderson


  • Are your mums health tested?
    Yes, always! All of our mums are health tested and we will only use health tested clear dogs for mating to ensure you get a healthy puppy.
  • How old is mum?
    We breed from 18 months old up to 6 years old not having anymore that 4 litters throughout the bitches life, and will have 1-2 years to break in between litters.
  • Cockapoo vs. Cavapoo
    The F1 Cockapoo is a very friendly, outgoing, playful and happy companion who enjoy long walks. As well as having a minimal shedding coat, they inherit some of the best traits from mum Cocker Spaniel and dad Toy or Miniature Poodle. The Cavapoo is happy, curious, outgoing and playful. They inherit some of their best traits from mum Caverlier King Charles and dad Toy or Minture poodle and also have a minimal shedding coat. Cocker Spaniel a family favourite for many years, lots of fun, very loving and kind. Enjoys long walks, a loyal companion.
  • What is the homing process?
    We require a holding fee of £50 to secure you on our waiting list. This is non refundable but is transferable on to our next litter if we do not have the gender or colour you were hoping for. From there, we require a deposit to secure your chosen puppy once you have seen them with mum and siblings, we then update you through Whatsapp on their growth and milestones, the remaing balance is to be paid on pick up date, 8 weeks after birth. We highly recommend crate training when you take your new member home as we do this from birth, and it gives them the feeling of security and helps them. We start toilet training at 5 weeks old once fully weaned from mum so they will leave us with that knowledge and for you to carry this on. We have a young family and socialisation is key at Sawbo Pups. They are used to busy household noises and are played with daily by our young children.
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